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About Magna Natura

Magna Natura is the brand of a pioneering project, unique for the use of cork in its pure state, designing unique, unrepeatable products that remain throughout generations.

The pure cork covering the tree for years, protecting it from the inhospitable cold and scorching heat of the Portuguese Alentejo’s plains, acquired a personality and, as if some sort of a fingerprint, its individuality.

Undressing the cork oak is not to rob it of its garments, it is provoking it, it is telling it to dress with new clothing, it is giving it the opportunity to be reborn in endless cycles.

Shaped by the calloused hands of experienced craftsmen, products emerge that display nobility thus far discreet and humble, but now in its well-deserved splendor.

The Magna Natura project became a reality, not only because its leader, Isabel, was born in an ancestral family working the cork, but rather her incomparable intimacy with pure cork that makes her wander the Alentejo plains, caressing every cork oak under the clear blue sky and the scorching heat, hearing the cicadas singing incessantly, feeling the drops of sweat as if they were callings, or the chills because she seems to be able to touch the stars, so bright, and that huge moon, so serene, so secretive of its dreams…